Farmland Sales—a Complex Process

Many farmland sales are prompted by a significant life change, such as inheritance of the family farm, illness that limits continuing farm operations, or retirement from farming altogether. This often requires individuals unfamiliar with agricultural land sales to make key financial decisions about this complex real estate transaction. 

corn stalks in the field in Midwest farmland expertise

Our Farmland Sales Approach

Because we specialize in farmland sales, The Loranda Group can address many of the unique challenges that affect land sales value. We research farmland vaues in your area to set true market value pricing. We create multiple land parcels and determine the best sales approach—private sale, sealed bid or land auction.

Targeting the largest number of interested buyers, both local and national, builds sales potential. And we understand the emotional aspects of a farm sale and invest the time needed for a smooth sales process.  

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With The Loranda Group, you have a farmland specialist who understands the complexities of farmland sales and keeps your goals in mind. We work to get maximum yield for your ag real estate and increase your anticipated investment return.

Contact us about your farmland property to see how we can help.