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Farmland Sales—a Complex Process

Many farmland sales are prompted by a significant event in the life of the farmland owner, such as death, an illness that forces a change in farm operations, financial stress, divorce, or retirement from farming altogether. This can require individuals with no experience selling land to have to make quick financial decisions about this complicated real estate transaction. The Loranda Group understands the emotional aspects of a farm sale and invests the time that's needed to ensure a smooth sales process.

Our Farmland Sales Approach

Farmland property - The Loranda Group

Because we specialize in farmland sales, The Loranda Group can address many of the unique challenges that affect your final sale price. We research comparable farmland sales in your area to help establish a reasonable market price. We then recommend the best sales method for selling the property—brokerage, auction, or sealed bid.

And our unique advertising and promotional efforts will target potential buyers at both the local and national level. 

Your Land Sales Partner

With The Loranda Group, you have a specialist who understands the complexities of farmland sales and keeps your goals in mind. We work to maximize the yield from your farm and increase your anticipated investment return.

Contact us about your farmland property to see how we can help. And read what other Loranda Group clients have to say.

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The Loranda Group is a diversified farm real estate company offering real estate auction and brokerage services to farmland owners and buyers across the Midwest.

The Loranda Group is licensed in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin.

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