About the Loranda Group


A Leader in Farm Real Estate

The Loranda Group, Inc. is a leader in farm real estate transactions with the experience you need for today's changing ag land marketplace.

We Know Farmland

We know what farmland means—as an investment, an opportunity, and a tradition. We grew up on farms and serve as agricultural land specialists throughout the Midwest, helping individuals, families, business firms and investment groups maximize their purchase or sale of farmland. 

Farmland Valuation Specialists

We've analyzed thousands of properties and have valued, brokered and auctioned hundreds of thousands of acres of farm and rural real estate. To accurately assess land value, we consider agricultural properties, potential growth and development, accessibility, locational uniqueness, and geographical or economic factors that can affect land use opportunities.

When you want maximum yield, let our experience work for you.

Locations and Licenses

Our corporate office is in Bloomington, Illinois, with locations in Channahan, Illinois and Lafayette, Indiana. The Loranda Group is presently licensed in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin.